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Artist’s Statement
Inspiration comes from an experience of a more primitive life in a [then] under-developed country (for some time under a dictatorship), a frugal life, and the experience as an architect. Another source of inspiration is the individual along with her unconscious world as well as natural processes and cycles. A goal is to compare real perceptions with what the mind thinks it sees. In a way, to “frame” the mind, to expose its iniquities and mistakes, which brings the focus back to the individual.

I like the line as a shape as it works towards composition and movement, such as 'croqui-style' lines which show the natural flaws of the drawing hand and seem to mirror the precariousness of life. Limitations in color and material help me understanding the human condition — frugality as a way to transcend, to clarify.

Other inspirations: Wabi-Sabi, the poet Ryokan, the sage Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Cy Twombly, the poet Adélia Prado, philosophy, jazz, and nature.

Serendipity — such as cutting directly onto a clean un-sketched linoleum block without pre-conceptions — welcomes “accidents” (cleverly called such by the mind). Improvisation and chance are a fascination. Negotiating and reestablishing independence from everything, including technique and even my own process, is rejuvenating and it seems necessary.

When I expect or envision minimalism to emerge — complexity, contradiction, and inconsistency are often surfaced.

My core mediums are printmaking, wire sculpture, and mixed-media drawings and prints. According to the needs of the project, I may introduce digital technology, poetry, interactivity, design, or other.

I'm also a poet — writing in Portuguese and English — and recently was the 3rd place winner of the Hugo House Literary Series.