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3rd place winner at the New Works Competition, part of the Hugo House Literary Series ("Some Like It Hot", on the global warming issue), Seattle, US. Ler tradução em Português →

The crow hides its food where other crows can see
then moves it to another place when the other crows go.
A liar by nature.
Oh and marketing is nature.
A thousands-years-old trick used in conversations.
Also conversing and lying is nature. (I said that already).
Bad memory is nature. Fake memory, phoniness, fake everything: nature.
Good and bad is created by nature.
Porn is nature, financial porn is nature,
regular decency is naturale likewise.
The mind, the almighty mind, is nature.
The concrete truck spinning clock-wise is driven and done by nature.
Nature thinks trees are nature, and they are.
Thinking is nature
— oh Lord, the most ubiquitous double sword on earthly nature!
Virgin olive oil with fine vinegar and rosemary bread, grated reggiano on top,
some red wine, is nature.
And Chet Baker too. As well as dark oil on salty water.
Even a lot of very dark sticky oil on beautiful blue-green salty water. Nature.
Pigeons for a free bite persecuting the pigeon
who achieved food on its own
is nature.
Pointing fingers is nature.
Our thoughts, which come from and go nowhere, are nature.
George Carlin is nature.
I couldn’t believe it but even Wall Street was made by nature? “Made by suits made by nature”.
Oh big tornado, big trippy childish nature.
(I think everybody deserves to have fun).
Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, all the same nature.
Don’t laugh but pokeman was designed by nature.
Explaining something with patience is nature.
This was written by nature.
When you look at me I feel and look at you, is nature.
And that’s why we can’t have nice things.
Seattle, 30 January 2014