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Slow Gif: An Interactive Experiment
Inspired by the slow-moving light shows from a jazz music concert we experimented with very slow moving animated GIFs which cannot be immediately noticed by the eye. We replaced immediacy with subtlety and saw interesting possibilities for Slow GIFs on the web and interactive worlds. Slow GIF animations could be employed on pages where the focus is reading text (articles, stories, Kindles, ePubs, etc). In this specific niches, slow animations could add visual delight to text-heavy experiences while offering minimal distraction. Speed of the animation could also be adjusted to the targeted audience, making it faster or slower according to the amount of distraction desired. Illustrations also by me.

This experiment was part of PEWk, The Ply Experiment Workshop I co-founded in 2012 while working as an Art Director at Ply Interactive.

View Slow GIF 1: The Abandonment of Moscow →
View Slow GIF 2: The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld →
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/// The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld
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