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The Prosperity Agenda
Website redesign, rebranding (logo, business cards, marketing materials: word template, PPT, email template, certificates). The Prosperity Agenda aims at bringing individuals out of proverty with welfare-related programs in the areas of Career Advancement, Wealth Building and Entrepreneurship. Their uniqueness is that they invest a great deal of time to gain a deep understanding of the issue through research and then follow a proven methodology to identify, test and scale successful approaches. (research and scaling seems to be an issue in the field). The target audience is politicians, therefore the visual communication needed to be organized and clear but also vibrant to convey their creative approach since they are just not another organization treadig the same old paths. in fact, their approach has been quite successful in empowering individuals to realize their potential for prosperity, and for the ecosystem of human welfare to operate efficiently and effectively at scale. The 'koi' fish in a grid was used as a symbol of prosperity that can be scaled up by focused research/deep understanding of the issues of porverty.
/// Business Card
/// PowerPoint Template
/// Word Doc, Certificate, Email Template