My Purpose

is to accompany clients and folks in their communications needs. Communication with themselves and with others. Their audience or, simply, the world. Design also serves the purpose to get to know oneself, one's own company and enterprise. It organizes ideas, things, concepts. In the process of telling our business to others, we need to tell it to ourselves first.

And, oh, the things we discover about our own processes...
So, Design is like therapy? For businesses.

Design deals with alterity. The other. Otherness. It requires loads of empathy = to imagine how the other will "see that" or "use this". Always "the other" at the final end.

The simple, and the truly factual and obvious, can be best practices in design as well as in life or in therapy. Or even in love. It brings clarity.

The good stories can be told
when there is clarity.

Thus, I like to offer options and assist with decision-making according to budget, timeline, audience, intuition, and creativity. I work efficiently and imaginatively. In the “art of forecasting” anything that happens was imagined first. Cheers to art.
A bit like Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld,

I guide clients towards unveiling what they already know and feel about their business or their lives. Going a bit deeper, to what is below the conscious, can be quite resolutive.

Guess: I love the arts, dreams, tarot, poetry, narratives, intuition, forecasting, and all types of languages (verbal or not).
In a design meeting

or in a oracular session or in an oneiric trip or in trying to foresee what is coming next, the magic resides in the story that it is being suggested, subtly told to those paying close and expanded attention.

Design is an Ouroboros
when the snake eats its tail. It is a neat and economical cycle where there is neither more nor less of what is necessary. It is, also, elastic with room for change.

And that is why
I specialize in seeing contradictions
that is = when the tail is not in the mouth. Good design is good psychic organization. And that is noticeable non-verbally.
Like Magic.